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The Fainting Trope in Korean Dramas
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The Fainting Trope in Korean Dramas

Korean dramas are comparable in format and content to Hong Kong, Japanese, and other Asian dramas. Although they generally run for a single season, they are aimed at women and focus on family, romance, and well, drama.

Over the last decade, Korean dramas and music have been sweeping over Asia and other parts of the world in what has come to be known as the Korean Wave. Some of the dramas are popular enough to be remade, while others are dropped.

However, one of the most notable features in all Korean dramas, regardless of their popularity levels are the actresses/heroine fainting scenes. In a bid to understand why Korean actresses faint so much in their TV and drama series, there is a need to look at the different types of fainting available.



Types of Fainting Scenes

Fictional fainting often takes one of the following forms:

The Corset Faint

The corset faint, one of the oldest forms of the trope hanging about from the unlamented days of the corset, when actresses were a breath away from being cut in twain. It is used to show the fragility and delicateness of the actress and is purposely done by the heroine to remove herself from a dramatic situation, or as a theatrical ploy.

Anemia Faint

The anemia faint is an affliction, which appears to strike very many Japanese and Korean actresses, making them black out at the most inopportune times. It provides their love interests with an excuse to hold them, act protective, and all manly.

Fake Faint

Here, the actress pretends to lose consciousness as a way of creating a distraction. The fake faint is known to overlap with the corset faint discussed above, although it can be executed by the actress at any given moment.

Pregnancy Faint

The pregnancy faint is much more dramatic than morning sickness and is used to indicate that the lead actress is now expecting.

It is common in many Korean dramas and is executed when the actress is given the news that she is with child, which at times comes as unexpected news.

Emotional Faint

If properly done, the emotional faint is thoroughly justifiable—in times of extreme high emotions, people tend to faint.

However, this type of extreme levels of emotions that would make the faint realistic are relatively rare in real life.

Exhaustion Faint

The exhaustion faint is used by the actresses when they are fatigued from great deals of emotions.

It is a faint that is true as stress or heat stroke cause exhaustion fainting.







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