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The CRAZY IU diet plan you should NEVER follow
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The CRAZY IU diet plan you should NEVER follow

Kpop idols are all beautiful, fit and sexy; lots of men and women appear to them because their “fitspiration.” They experience exercise and diet to realize their “perfect” bodies. Horizontal tummies, toned arms, arms and little waist lines. What is their secret? Kpop idols are proven to restrict their consumption and follow rigorous diet programs, particularly prior to a look. Some take extreme diet programs it sounds almost impossible to do.
What we’re showing you  here is the diet popular korean singer IU goes when she’s to loose weight fast.
Please bear in mind this isn’t a long-term cure to your everyday diet and shouldn’t be achieved without consulting with your home physician:
Breakfast (in the early morning) : 1 apple
Lunch : just 1 sweet potato
Dinner : a protein shake with no sugar

That is not much to consume, expecially considering the fact that Kpop idols have an intense agenda and exercise regular.
The 3 foods together make for approximately 700 calories per day, which might change based
upon the percentage shake she had been drinking.
We don’t know which protein shake IU was drinking through her diet, however, we’d suggest
a misugaru shake, even if you would like to stay to Korean food.
As you can see, this isn’t a long-term cure to your everyday food ingestion and IU herself confessed she received therapy for bulimia, previously. So anyone who would like to replicate her diet, needs to be conscious of the dangers and should consult with a physician about it.

This is the intense Kpop diet and also we do not recommend you’re on this weight reduction experience for extended. That which we rather recommend for you is a healthier Korean diet which will supply you with delicious and wholesome meals, while you loose weight in the long run.

Being this skinny isn’t healthy and can be really hard on the human body. It may be somewhat different for K-Pop celebrities who dance regular but for me personally as an ordinary man it makes me feel really very weak. I must take naps daily because my body becomes exhausted and it makes it difficult to find enough energy to your day. There are a few times I frankly feel like an old woman going up the staircase as my entire body just feels really weak.Being skinny such as this… it is as much of a difficulty as being fat. It may seem different but you will find similar health dangers.


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