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Top 5 Video Games ever made in South Korea
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Top 5 Video Games ever made in South Korea

No, you won’t find any cute 9 tailed fox waifu that seductively moans any time she dies (and, trust me, in a game like League Of Legends that happens a lot). Neither you’ll see scantily clad elves doing their stuff while you’re too busy to actually play. So what’s new? Keep reading this article as we guide you through the games that, in our opinion, better represent South Korean’s game developers creativity!

1 – Magna Carta : Tears Of Blood

Released in 2005, MGTOB  ought to have been among the most remarkable role-playing games of the last decade.
Magna Carta has a variety of attributes worth rooting for : a new battle system, an outstanding character design  and a visual style that is top notch. Magna Carta is a beautiful-looking videogame. Furthermore, these attractive designs have translated nicely into electronic form with sharp animations and remarkable surroundings ranking among the elite concerning detail. Additionally, it is worth pointing out that a Manhwa artist, Hyung-tae Kim, made a name for himself thanks to this game. In fact he will also work in the  The War of Genesis series and the MMOBlade and Soul. It’s wonderful to see an artist making his title by designing the artwork out of Video Games, and this reveals just how seriously South Korean press has taken being paying attention to the matter.

2 – Pangya Fantasy Golf

Published in 2004 in South Korea, PangYa has won lots of fans over with its appealing visuals and easy golf gameplay, therefore getting a match for PSP  in 2009, which included a few characters and course, it provides satisfying gameplay and might also prepare players for the internet version that includes much more content.

3 – The King Of Fighters 2001/2002

SNK, the Japanese software house who made the King of Fighter matches, were moving down hill concerning company and become bankrupted in 2000 and could not afford to generate any more matches. The operations were transferred to South Korea, once the South Korean firm, Eolith took charge and continued the growth of King of Fighters in 2001 and 2002. There are a number of excellent things about TKOF 2001 but, on the other hand, Eolith create some horrible progress in artwork design when compared with the striking look of KOF2000. The character portraits appeared really  ugly  and lots of the characters were dull in contrast to the many we’ve seen in the  past episodes. The better things of this release is that Eolith made many new characters to the sport, for example May Lee, a South Korean Tae Kwon Do fighter that has a standard fighting style and a ‘hero’ fighting mode, representing the Korean group. These characters are still property of Eolith and will never appear in the later chapters of the saga.

4 – Ragnarock Series

Ragnarok DS that was published for the Nintendo DS at 2008 pays respect to the initial online game, using the majority of its resources to be vents on the DS. The game is quite generic occasionally nevertheless it as impress a lot of it enthusiasts to find the game a little more. The game presents authentic story and retains many of its components from the internet game. This title has been translated and published in North America from Xseed Games in 2010.

5 – Maple Story

Famous for its old school 2D graphical demonstration and pixel art design on its own characters and creatures, in which the characters can be completely customize with pixel art appearing clothes, weapons and items. The game has attracted many players from around the world using the old school nature game alive and made a strong effort to attract a massive fanbase. The internet game also wished to expand on the experience element many players desired during the 90s since the online game provides very huge world for gamers to have deep into. The internet game was notorious for being an practically impossible to reach level 200 cap and using really insistent and grindly gameplay to maintain the fanbase living for the game because of this. This game does alot of matter the PC online counterpart cannot. The game improves the presentation alot such as having a narrative, personality portraits because the players talk to the NPCs and enhance animations for characters and critters the players experience in the game. Additionally, it has arena boss battles and thing upgrades in the sport.However, another game based off their favorite MMO game. Does this mean South Koreans have succeeded in what they’ve set out to do with their online network? So should not it be a surprise that this is actually the third match on the list that is a spin from their MMO start. Just like Audition, it’s only a shame that this game was just released in Korea and Japan. An North European and American interface could of been nice.

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