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5 peculiar teas you gotta try in South Korea
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5 peculiar teas you gotta try in South Korea

Daechu-cha (대추차) or JU-JU-BE tea

Daechu is made with season fruit and has been used as a medicine and in various Korean dishes. The very best daechu fruits are big, glistening and deep in colour. After the fruit ripens into a rich reddish, it’s dried and ready to be made to tea. The tea is called a highly effective agent in combating colds, reducing fever, soothing neuralgia, warming the body and helping digestion. Preserved jujubes can be made by simmering dried jujubes on low heat for approximately eight hours into a day, until the liquid becomes more sweet and syrupy. A pre-made sweet jujube syrup can also be commercially available in Korean grocery stores.

Maemil-cha or Sosoba-cha

Buckwheat tea (sobacha) appears to be among the things that not many people out Japan or Korea know about. And while it is traditionally more of a summertime thing, it’s a straightforward roasted nutty flavor that’s refreshing any moment. In Eastern Asia, in which soba-cha, was consumed for centuries, people are withnessing the outstanding health benefits of the caffeine-free beverage. Health benefits associated with drinking buckwheat tea include enhanced flow and prevention of varicose veins into metabolic and cardiovascular advantages.

Maeshil Cha (매실차) or Plume Tea

Is the hottest product both in Korea and abroad. Refreshing and flexible, don’t hesitate to experiment and find imaginative means of introducing this healthful treat to your loved ones.
Plums help recover energy from the muscles as well as the pulse. They treat inflammation, help  with quit smoking and quench the thirst. Individuals make a plum infusion, a maesil-cheong, to use as a folk treatment as a result of the medicinal effects. In addition they make alcoholic drinks with it.

Insam-cha (인삼차) or Ginseng tea

Traditionally made out of miniature ginseng, it’s a powerful fragrance and flavor. Ginseng is a distinctive product of Korea, also is very good for bodily strength. Particular studies have discovered saponin in ginseng to possess anti inflammatory properties. Korean ginseng has been identified using the maximum saponin content along with the very best effects. Although it’s referred to as a tea, ginseng tea doesn’t include tea leaves. It’s an herbal tea extract made from this plant root.

Ssanghwa-tang (쌍화탕; 雙和湯) or root tea

It’s made from blend of 7 ingredients of herbal tonic tea using jujube, and almonds. Is in reality a medication which may be utilized in the treatment of a patient that has depleted the wholesome qi or if recovering from severe illness. Though its mainstream usage is against common cold, it’s more of a restorative. The OTC forms typically add ingredients to deal with the cold symptoms, but its use ought to be reserved for people who have diminished qi because of a chronic cold to become very powerful. It is also very seful as a mild tea against fainting or to repay the gut.


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