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[Review] A fresh, affordable skincare product : Laneige BB Cushion Hydra Radiance
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[Review] A fresh, affordable skincare product : Laneige BB Cushion Hydra Radiance

This compact has a marginally milder, less serum-y texture to it compared to the AP pillow; that is due mostly to the shortage of easy alcohol, which functions as a thinner, among other items. To put it differently, it seems more like cosmetics. Very mild cosmetics, given. While I like the serum-like texture of this AP pillow, I do not enjoy the drying effects, therefore I will take the aesthetically pleasing feel of this Laneige — that really applies extremely easily, which I found surprising, regardless of the texture. I thought perhaps it’d be cakey because if sensed drier, but maybe not at all!

The color options are rather limited, with just one genuinely dark colour currently available — a frequent issue with Korean manufacturers generally, and Cushion Compacts specifically. In my situation, being rather light , I was amazed that I moved with all the second-lightest color, #21. Technically, I might have gotten off with all the lightest one , but I discovered it had an ever-so-slightly whitish cast for it due to the high ionic dioxide material — so resigned a shade, also discovered that the yellow tone to it mixed it just fine — it’s just slightly darker than the skin on my throat, and mixes fine on my head. It does not oxidize, therefore after it lays, it is undetectable.

In terms of relaxation — it does not feel as much on skin; maybe a small bit drier when compared with the AP, ironically enough. However, it does not dry out my skin, too paradoxically. The AP always felt somewhat slick, while offering me dry stains. This material is essentially undetectable; the end is quite slightly dewy, less compared to AP pillow, but with much more protection. I believe I would predict the end satiny. When I look at the mirror, I feel as if my skin appears as perfect as it could get — it is just a fairly complete; especially when I know that in reality, my skin is freaking out from a response and should be visiting lumps and redness .

The 1 drawback is the longevity is not as good since the AP. After about 5 hours together with all the AmorePacific Cushion, I had less touching to do — whereas using the Laneige, I must pretty much do my reddish patches on my lips entirely over again. I have obtained some stubborn redness happening at this time, though. It merely serves to irritate and dry the skin out in the Long Term, which Results in aging.

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